Compact multispectral cameras with on-chip filter technology. Up to 16 co-registered spectral images with each camera exposure. Simple USB3 Vision camera operation. Uses a single interchangeable lens.
Integrated multispectral camera and multispectral LED illuminator in a compact, dustproof, and waterproof housing. Includes hardware and software needed to capture multispectral video and still frames.
Multispectral camera systems with extended spectral range. Variations include high resolution color camera with multispectral camera. Includes easy to use image acquisition software.
Rugged systems for multispectral multi-channel video and still frame microscopy. Easily attaches to standard research microscopes.
Compact and light UAV multispectral imaging solutions. Combines an MSC2 snapshot multispectral camera with a tiny SBC-1 USB3 Vision computer. Simple operation using an SD card.